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A Drone’s-Eye View of Real Estate

We pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking and tech-savvy home inspection company. If there is a gadget or new technology available, we are part of a generation of early adopters who like to do our research and test devices.

During our trial phase, we first establish if the tool works. Then we analyze if it’s efficient and if it helps us do our job better—onsite or in the inspection report. Essentially, any technology or gadget that enhances the inspection experience for the client is win for them and us.


Our latest investment is a drone. After a year or so of research, we finally found a device that works well and meets our needs. We have Hurricane Irma to thank for the push to purchase. Roof Certifications and updates to Wind Mitigations were popular after the storm. The drone was a smart and safe way we could assess the situation first and then walk the area.


Storm damage aside, on some occasions, we were hindered by the fact that: builders won’t allow inspectors to walk the roof on new construction properties; or an HOA/property management company didn’t provide access to the roof of a condo complex; or a tri-level townhouse was too tricky to scale—even for Spiderman. The safety issues for our team and disservice to the client was unnecessary.

Tri-Level Townhouse

New Construction


Now, the drone photographs and video aid in our inspection process, and clients see the photos in their reports—at no additional cost.

As an incentive for booked, Pre-Listing Inspections, we provide five complimentary, high -resolution, aerial photos to the client for their online listing or to post on social media—at no additional cost.


Meet the new member to our team, the DJI Spark!

DJI Spark

Yes, our drone is registered and certified with the Federal Aviation Administration.

Schedule your Pre-Listing Inspection or General Home Inspection here.

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