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What to Evaluate When Looking for an Inspector


Veteran broker-associate from Sacramento, Elizabeth Weintraub touches upon some great tips and information in this article. Here are a couple takeaways we would like to highlight: 

  • The state of Florida does require inspectors to be licensed.

  • At the client's request (especially for out-of-state buyers or first-time homeowners), we can compile a list of recommended, trusted and highly qualified contractors, but we in no way push any contractors on clients.
Home Maintenance

Real Simple Magazine


In the October 2015 issue of Real Simple, the consumer lifestyle magazine highlights "7 Creepy House Oddities." Various experts from the home improvement industries (including Frank Lesh, Executive Director at the American Society of Home Inspectors) weigh in on potential issues and recommendations. 


We specifically suggest checking out No. 4 - Orange Hue in Bathtub; No. 5 - Windows Rattle/Whistle; and No. 7 - Running Water Sound. 

WPLG-Miami News Station
New Home Closing Regulations

WPLG-Miami News Station


This is imperative news for home buyers/sellers, realtors and inspectors! Starting October 3, 2015, the truth in lending and H.U.D. forms are being replaced by Closing Disclosure document. 


We suggest booking your home inspection after an executed contract. By doing so, you are prepared in the best way possible for the Closing Disclosure document. 

Hazardous Dryer Vents

ABC Action News

It's important to routinely check your dryer vent for electrical efficiency and safety. Check out this video to learn more and get recommendations from Angie of Angie's List.

Drywood termites are very common in Florida. Although they work slower than other termites, they can eventually do severe damage to the structure if they are not discovered early. Whether you're purchasing a home or are currently living in your home, it would be wise to hire an inspector to conduct a full termite inspection to determine whether or not your home has termites. This article will give you a brief description on drywood temites as well as what to look for.

Tile Roof Maintenance

Roof tiles can give a very nice look to a home. Like any other roof, maintenance is key! Here are a few tips that may help extend the life of your tile roof.

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