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How long does an inspection take?


We calculate one hour per 1,000 square feet.


Frequently Asked Questions



Why do I need an inspection?


To determine the house quality and to insure the home investment.


Can I accompany the inspector during the appointment?


It's important for the inspector to remain focused to complete the necessary protocol, and then address questions at the end of the inspection or after reviewing the personalized report.


How long will it take to receive the personalized report?


We offer same-day service.


How long does it take to receive mold results?


Typically within 48 hours--pending the lab's schedule.


Are cost estimates included on the personalized report?

Cost estimates are not within the scope of the home inspection, but are included as a courtesy to our clients. These figures are rough estimates, some items cannot be estimated due to the complexity of the issue.

How much does the inspection cost?

The total cost depends on the selected Package and the size of the home. With the Customized Package, you have the option to tailor the inspection to your needs and budget.

Is IMPACT Home Inspections affiliated with any industry organizations?

Yes, we follow the standards and practices of InterNACHI, and continuing education is required by the state of Florida to maintain licensing.

Do you provide a list of contractors or repair personnel?

We offer clients a list of recommended licensed professionals for a variety of services, and we do not receive kickbacks.

Why should I choose IMPACT Home Inspections?

Inspections are led by Gabe Hurtado, who has a Real Estate license in addition to his Inspection and Mold licenses. He worked on both sides of the industry and has a better understanding of how to help clients. We offer unbiased opinions, thorough inspections and professional services. 

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