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We know the home buying or selling process costs time, energy and money, so we created these Packages to fit the needs and prices of any transaction. Each comprehensive option allows you to receive a thorough inspection and a detailed report--enabling you to assess the home and take your next step. Final pricing is based on a combination of the home's square footage and services required.

Package 1. Essentials

Our best package and highly recommended. For those clients looking to evaluate the full spectrum of the home, the Essentials Package will cover indoor and outdoor aspects including: roof/attic, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, doors, windows, appliances, structure, irrigation system and exterior grounds.


Single-family homes, townhomes and attached villas would benefit from this package. 

Package 2. Auxiliary


For those clients who have condos, apartments or townhomes, the Auxiliary Package covers all items from the Essentials Package, but excludes the roof/attic and exterior.

Package 3. Customized

For those clients seeking a range of inspections, but would like to discuss the property and receive advice on its specific needs, the Customized Package allows the client to tailor the inspection services.


The Customized Package can also include any number of additional Services (such as mold and insurance evaluations), which are listed under the

Services tab.

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