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ABC’s Black-ish Spins Ironic Tale of the Blue-Collar Professional

We couldn’t help but geek out when a scene showed an electrical panel in a laundry room and a hard-to-reach spot.

Wednesday night is the best for television in our family household. The roundup beginning with The Goldbergs, Speechless, Modern Family and Black-ish takes us back to those TGIF nights as kids—you remember Full House, Family Matters

On November 9, ABC’s Black-ish aired an episode called, “Jack of All Trades.” The premise was: the twins come home from school with an aptitude test that predicts Dre and Bow’s son, Jack, will succeed in a blue-collar vocation.

The Johnsons are underwhelmed by the idea because they are a successful couple—Rainbow (Bow) Johnson is a doctor and Andre (Dre) Johnson is a senior vice president at a marketing agency.

They provide their four kids with superior schooling, stylish clothes, healthy foods, and supportive love—and they naturally want the best for all their kids’ future careers.

Dre’s dad, played by the great Laurence Fishburne, points out that Dre is jealous that his son may have a knack for working with his hands and things he is inept to do around the house. Cut to an occurrence “1 Week Earlier” when there was an electrical problem, and Dre tried to outsmart the electrician.

Producers of the show either neglected to fact check the 60-second flashback or were putting an ironic twist on the fact that an electrical panel should never be installed in a cabinet nor should it be in a place that prevents easy access.

Here is a great diagram from InterNACHI that shows the specs for proper placement.

This show is hilarious, well written and performed by a stellar cast. If you haven’t seen it, or think it’s not for you, give this episode a chance. It definitely made us proud to be part of a blue-collar industry and business owners.

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